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det_robertgoren's Journal

Lily's "other" Side
20 April

Hello! This is the artist works of lily_mujaki althought I know many of my friends to be alot better than myself in this department, I feel the need to express myself too. Whether it be by pictures, words, or anything else that I want to talk about.

This is also friends only. Either email me, leave a comment on the entry I have, or try to IM on one of my screen names. I will for sure add you, if I see that you have alot in common with me. But, if you feel that what I am doing, is offenstive, please keep your judgement to yourself. I am making this friend's only for a reason, so that I don't have to hear alot of Judgement from people.

My other journal, which is also friend's only, is lily_mujaki
I also run the lawand_order Community.